Demand for Leadership training rose 15 % in first quarter of 2014, compared to same period last year.

More UAE businesses focusing on developing their leaders from inside instead of exporting from overseas says International House Dubai
Dubai, UAE, 8 June 2014: International House Dubai (IH Dubai), a leading institution offering practical skills-based courses with international accreditation, has said that demand for leadership training in the UAE has risen 15 percent in the first quarter of 2014, compared to the corresponding period of 2013, thanks to the rebound in UAE economy.

“There is a significantly high demand for leadership and management training amongst UAE businesses across different industries,” says Clair Hattle, Director, IH Dubai. “UAE businesses are more challenging to training companies and centres to develop up to date programmes specifically tailored to boost the leaders practically and intellectually.”
IH Dubai believes that owning proven skills and practices in leadership helps in acquiring soft competencies in decision making, coaching, issues management, mentorship and inspiration and many other independent areas.
Hattle added: “The success of the leadership and management training disciplines in the UAE can be attributed to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai who has injected a culture of excellence and competence in the public and private sectors, thus setting a customized practice for these two very similar yet delicately different disciplines.”
“Producing competent management leaders in the private sector is crucial. Exporting executives to run businesses might not be the right strategy as leveraging on the current workforce of any entity is better than getting new executives from overseas who would not be aware of the market context,” emphasised Hattle.
Hattle said: “We pride ourselves as a certified centre for the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), the UK’s largest management body, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services.”
ILM is founded on the principle that skilled managers and leaders hold the key to creating productive workforce that delivers organisational and economic success. Their qualifications and membership services combine to drive up the standards of leadership and management and improve individual and team performance. 
Hattle said: “Last year 90,000 people enhanced their leadership and management skills with an ILM qualification, while over 30,000 ambitious management professionals secured increased professional recognition and support through ILM membership.”
She added: “We specialise in providing lifelong learning and vocational courses to a large cross section of the UAE community, including leaderships in entities and we believe that this sector will be more maturing in the run-up to EXPO 2020 to meet the needs of local private businesses for competent leaders.”
IH Dubai has been in existence in Dubai for the past 10 years. It is part of IHWO which has been established for 61 years as a network of institutions worldwide that is committed to implementing high quality standards in education and training.

Hattle concluded: “Developing leadership characteristics hold the key for UAE businesses’ competencies.”

Lack of proficiency in English language is one of barriers to Emiratisation, says International House Dubai.

Of the 50 million people learning English in MENA region, 5 % do so to boost business communication skills
Dubai, UAE, 30 April 2014: International House Dubai (IH Dubai), a leading institution offering practical skills-based courses with international accreditation in the UAE, has revealed that more than 5 percent of the 50 million people currently learning English in the MENA region, are doing so in order to enhance their business communications skills with the goal of boosting their career growth.

Clair Hattle, Director, IH Dubai said: “Many of our trainees are UAE nationals. The courses we offer are very crucial for the success of Emiratisation, as lack of proficiency in English is one of the barriers to Emiratisation, according to many studies.”
In the UAE, nationals make up just 1% of private sector workforce. A good grasp of English language is one of the key factors to enhance Emiratisation and this could be achieved through intensive English courses conducted by experts.
Hattle said: “We at IH Dubai are highly committed to maximizing the number of UAE nationals working in the private sector. Equipping them with the right skills in English language will ensure their quick integration into the private sector job market. Our ‘National Development’ programme is one of the courses that have been created with this goal in mind.”
IH Dubai specializes in delivering lifelong learning and vocational courses to a cross section of UAE community, as well as English language training.
Hattle added that IH Dubai delivers courses that are developed by international experts in international business communication across cultures which train executives to operate in an international business environment.
IH Dubai develops tailor-made corporate language courses. The experienced IH Dubai teachers design high-impact language training programmes targeting companys’ specific needs and with flexible schedules.
She said: “IH Dubai has dedicated English teachers with business experience who push the students to achieve optimum results. The company also offers specialised English training, including courses in banking and finance, law or human resources and one-to-one specialised courses. Our courses in marketing, HR, leadership and management and accounting are accredited and designed to offer maximum efficacy to our trainees.”
A member of International House World Organization (IHWO), IH Dubai has been operating for the past 10 years, and has served more than 10,000 trainees who have progressed remarkably in their careers.

IHWO has been in existence for 61 years as a global network of institutions committed to implementing high quality standards in education and training. 

EIBFS reinforces support for UAE’s Emiratization initiative with roll out of 480 training programs in 2013

    Institute’s ‘Annual Training Plan’ to include e-learning and leadership development programs
      2013 will witness official launch of Dubai Academic City Campus
December 10, 2012
The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), the sole provider of specialized knowledge and enhanced learning experiences for the UAE banking and financial sector, has announced details for its ‘Annual Training Plan’ for 2013, during a press conference held today (Monday, December 10th) at the EIBFS campus in Sharjah. The ‘Annual Training Plan’ includes the addition of 14 new program offerings to the institute’s 480 offered courses, which have been designed to comply with training requirements presented by UAE-based banks while also targeting newly graduated UAE Nationals. The 2013 plan shows an 18.5 per cent increase in the number of training programs as compared to 2012.

According to EIBFS, the creation of the new ‘Annual Training Plan’ was based on several key objectives, which include the move to elevate the performance of employees in the banking and finance segment, particularly workers in middle and upper management positions; to provide further support and help in the move to promote human resource development trends and to support the country’s bid towards Emiratization. A major factor considered in developing the program is the opening of the new EIBFS campus in Dubai Academic City, which is strategically located within a large gathering of banking and financial institutes. In addition, the plan is also the result of a review and evaluation made on the previous year’s program. In a bid to create a plan that could meet current training demands, the institute conducted a series of meetings with training managers and HR directors from banks across the UAE.
155 training programs, representing 32.3 per cent of the 2013 ‘Annual Training Plan,’ will be offered at the new Dubai Academic City campus; 18 training programs will be offered in the Al Ain campus; 14 training programs will be offered in the Fujairah campus and three pioneering programs in the Ras Al Khaimah campus. One of the highlights of the new ‘Annual Training Plan’ is the opening of 65 e-training programs.
“We are very confident that the 2013 ‘Annual Training Plan’ will play a significant role in the efforts to raise the level of national employment in the UAE banking and finance segment. The success that we are expecting to achieve for this new series of remarkable course offerings will rely heavily on the support and collaboration of all officials, industry players and the technical and administrative departments of EIBFS,” said Jamal Al Jasmi, General Manager, EIBFS. “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the officials, trainers and HR personnel who have helped in providing us input and feedback—giving us a better understanding of the country’s current training requirements for banking and finance.”
EIBFS will also be launching new professional certification programs in partnership with several international banking institutions. These new course offerings are being positioned to act as a catalyst for undergraduates and job seekers wishing to embark on a career in banking. Some of these programmes include Credit Card Management (CCM) – Certification with Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB); Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) – Certification with the British Institute of Financial Services; ACCA Certification with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and many more.
“2012 was a good year for us as we have witnessed a dramatic improvement in our offered financial diploma and Baccalaureate programs. This strong positive response has led us to the creation of a Master’s Program in Banking, which has been designed based on criteria set by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This new program will be offered in collaboration with some of the world’s leading educational institutions. We will be announcing this new Master’s program once it gets approved by the Ministry,” concluded Al Jasmi.
About the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS)
The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) is the UAE’s sole provider of specialized knowledge and enhanced learning experiences for the local banking and finance sector. Established in 1983, the institution offers a wide range of both training and academic programs that have been developed to meet the needs of the country’s banking, insurance and finance sectors. Bolstered by its vision to become a leading institution that provides world-class education and training in banking and finance at local, regional and international levels, EIBFS has also forged strategic partnership with leading international institutions abroad. With campuses located in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the institution continues to remain true to its three-fold objective of raising the standard of performance of the banking workforce; qualify UAE nationals for successful careers in the industry and strengthen the country’s pool of skilled nationals.    

Direct English – Learning English in Dubai (video)

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Injazat UAE Nationals complete Experiential Leadership Program for internationally recognized Cambridge Diploma.

Four Emirati candidates receive Aldar Leadership Excellence Applied Diploma (LEAD)

Injazat Data Systems has announced that it has recently concluded a successful leadership program where four of its UAE Nationals have gained an international diploma in Applied Leadership from Cambridge Judge Business School. A total of 10 Injazat candidates have now successfully graduated from this prestigious program, which focuses on developing core skills in Executive Leadership and Management.

The Injazat Institute (Ti2), a professional development initiative launched by Injazat Data Systems, sponsored the Leadership Excellence Applied Diploma (LEAD) program, managed and developed by ALDAR in collaboration with Cambridge University. The two-year program involved a collection of interactive workshops, training sessions delivered by world-class business speakers and assignments, culminating with the submission of a final business plan.
The program achieved a 100 per cent success rate as all 10 candidates were able to comply with LEAD requirements. This has reinforced Injazat’s reputation as a leader in the development and career growth of UAE Nationals in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision. The very important milestone ensures Injazat’s sustained buildup of a talent pool of leaders capable of driving corporate growth in the coming years.
“Injazat is fully committed to supporting our UAE Nationals in developing the essential competencies for their current and future roles.  Ti2 focuses on developing the true business professional, providing technical, business and leadership development and supporting this through on-the-job operational experience. This program was undertaken to develop Injazat’s future leaders and it is a great achievement to see all our UAE Nationals successfully complete the intensive program and graduate with the Cambridge Judge Business School,” said Gary Hazel, Head of Training at The Injazat Institute (Ti2).
Injazat is also proud that of the 10 successful candidates, three were Emirati women who successfully gained the internationally recognized diploma. The participation of the Emirati Nationals is in line with Injazat’s strategy of supporting the UAE Government’s Emiratization program and providing professional development opportunities to the local workforce in line with Abu Dhabi 2030.
Statistics show that only 15 per cent of the UAE workforce is Emirati. While more than half of the country’s university graduates are women, they account for around 68 per cent of unemployed Nationals. Injazat has been helping address this imbalance by creating more employment and professional growth opportunities for Emiratis women.
“We are delighted that three Emirati women took part in this successful program and we celebrate their achievement as another important breakthrough in our ongoing efforts to support the UAE’s Emiratization program. I would like to reaffirm our commitment to providing exciting career growth opportunities to all UAE Nationals at Injazat through their Career Development Plans (CDPs), which are focused on current and future job roles and the subsequent competencies required. These women represent Injazat’s future and are themselves actively engaged in supporting their clients in various leadership roles to ensure that Injazat offers the highest level of services,” added Ibrahim Lari, CEO of Injazat Data Systems.
– Ends –
About Injazat Data Systems LLC:
Injazat Data Systems is an industry-recognized, region-wide market leader in Information Technology, Data Centre and Managed Services. It owns and operates the Middle East’s most sophisticated and advanced data centre, the Tier IV design-certified Premier Data Centre.
Injazat has over 5 years’ experience serving a diverse range of customers and has developed a broad portfolio of capabilities to successfully address any organization’s most pressing technology challenges.
For more information please contact:
Injazat Data Systems
Diony Koyess
Marketing Manager
Tel: 02-6992700
Fax: 02-6992800 l P.O.Box 8230
Injazat Data Systems l

Dubai Judicial Institute hosts Anti-Money Laundering training session in collaboration with US Embassy.

Event serves as testament to the international community’s confidence in Institute’s role as a regional hub for legal and judicial excellence
April 22, 2012
Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), a leading centre for legal studies and judicial training in Dubai and a member of the General Network for Government Communication, has launched today (Sunday, April 22, 2012) an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training session for senior Pakistani government officials, under the supervision of leading professionals and experts from the UAE, US and Pakistan.

The five-day training session is a testament to the international community’s confidence in DJI’s role as a regional and international hub for legal and judicial excellence. It further demonstrates the solid relation between DJI and the US Embassy, reaffirming their joint efforts to create channels for sharing knowledge, expertise and best international practices.

The AML training session attracted 30 participants from the government of Pakistan, including representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Parliament, National Accountability Bureau, Anti Narcotics Force, Public Prosecution and many more, to look into various international standards, assess the existing practices and exchange experiences in dealing with money laundering. Hosting the AML training session underlines the UAE’s status as a leading hub for legal, humanitarian, social, development, cultural, economic and investment affairs.
“Held in collaboration with the US Embassy, the AML training session is very important as it acts as an interactive platform to look into local and international experiences and discuss the AML system application challenges,” said Dr. JamalHussein Al Sumaiti, Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute. “The session also investigates current developments in the field of anti-money laundering, with a focus on top international practices and standards to reduce such a menace that has made a negative impact on the global economy. DJI is committed to organizing purpose-built initiatives that support our vision towards best judicial practices, transparency and an improved judicial system for the UAE’s legal and judicial community, in line with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.”
Dr. Al Sumaiti added that money laundering has become a worldwide threat that requires joint efforts to establish standardized measures for accountability, pointing out the remarkable progress achieved by the UAE in reporting suspicious transactions with the newly issued AML law and tight restrictions on money transfer activities. He emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts to curb money laundering and ultimately reduce crimes.
“Being chosen by the US Embassy to host the joint AML training session reflects the UAE’s position in the world’s political and diplomatic landscape, while consolidating the growing confidence in DJI’s leading role to provide vocational courses and ongoing training programs in the region under the highest standards of quality and integrity, as well as to promote legal research and cultivate a judicial culture in the society. Through this session, we look forward to inform the participants from the Pakistani government about the UAE’s experience in its fight against money laundering and promote security and safety across financial and banking systems. We certainly hope to see more of these initiatives in the region to strengthen our presence around the world and to also support the comprehensive development initiatives of the UAE,” he concluded.
The Dubai Judicial Institute was established in 1996 to help educate and train aspiring judges, prosecutors and their assistants, legal experts and lawyers. DJI also offers habilitation programs for public prosecutors to enhance their efficiency. The Institute provides training and consultancy services to various public and private sector agencies and institutions and conducts local, regional and global research and studies on all areas of law and jurisdiction.
For more information about DJI, you can visit, Video clips about DJI are also available on

Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization joins forces with ICDL to raise IT awareness among volunteers and personnel

Strategic partnership to promote humanitarian work in line with rapid IT developments
 The ICDL GCC Foundation has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Riyadh-based General Secretariat of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies. The strategic partnership aims to raise digital awareness among Red Crescent and Red Cross establishments and further support their efforts to promote humanitarian work and volunteerism.

The agreement was signed at the Movenpick Hotel in Dubai by Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hazza, Secretary General, Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies, and Jamil Ezzo, Director General, ICDL GCC Foundation; as part of the 39thmeeting of the General Authority of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization.

Under the partnership, Red Crescent and Red Cross personnel in the Arab world will be able to obtain the ICDL certification, which is recognized as a global standard for end-user computer skills, and receive incentives that will further motivate them to help in achieving the objectives of the MoU. Both parties have also agreed to cooperate in awareness campaigns targeting Red Crescent and Red Cross personnel about the importance of ICDL for both personal and professional development. The partnership also demonstrates a shared commitment to introduce pioneering projects that drive the economic and social development of GCC countries, focusing primarily on empowering the families of volunteers as part of a social responsibility effort with mutual support from both organizations.
Abdullah Al Hazza underlined the importance of the agreement with ICDL GCC Foundation to support the Organization’s efforts in enhancing computer skills and promoting IT awareness within Red Crescent and Red Cross establishments, while helping them promote humanitarian work and volunteerism in the Arab world with the use of modern technology and devices. He further noted the critical role of ICDL in the success of the partnership, being a leading entity in raising IT awareness and skills among all members of the society. Al Hazza also expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with ICDL GCC Foundation to implement the ICDL program, which is the only IT certification in the world to be endorsed by United Nations Organizations. He said that the partnership will positively influence the performance of the Organization and enhance the impact of humanitarian work and volunteerism in the Arab world. He added: “We are confident that this move will provide a solid foundation for our efforts to improve the IT skills of our personnel. This will ultimately help improve the performance of the Organization and further drive our efforts to promote humanitarian activities in the Arab region.”
Jamil Ezzo stated that the strategic partnership with the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization is in line with ICDL’s commitment to cultivate the IT culture and support efforts to establish a knowledge-based economy. ICDL is fully committed to provide necessary support for the successful implementation of the ICDL program within the Red Crescent and Red Cross establishments, while raising greater IT awareness among volunteers and supporters of its charitable initiatives.
Ezzo added, “The Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization further strengthens our network of strategic partnerships with ministries, governmental authorities, major academic institutions, private organizations and civil society organizations in the GCC region and Iraq. Leveraging our expertise in implementing the ICDL program at the local and international level, we aim to promote digital competence within different Red Crescent and Red Cross departments and organizations. In light of the rapid advances in IT, we also look forward to further expand our cooperation with the Organization to serve more members of the community in line with our continuing efforts to establish strong partnerships, support economic growth, strengthen relations within local communities and enhance the quality of life in the Arab world.”

For further information, please contact:
Orient Planet PR & Marketing Communications
P.O Box: 23345
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel:  00971 4 398 8901
Fax: 00971 4 398 8941

Highway training made mandatory for new drivers in Dubai

Training to drive on the highway for a minimum of two hours has been made mandatory to obtain a driving licence in Dubai, officials announced yesterday.
“After passing the road test, drivers will now have to undergo driving lessons along the highway, with trainers beside them, before they are issued a driver’s licence,” said Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Licensing Agency.
“This will ascertain the drivers’ ability to cope with the vehicle as well as other vehicles on the road.”
He was speaking at the launch of the unified curriculum for all driving institutes in Dubai.
The unified curriculum for training and qualifying those wishing to obtain driving licences for light motor vehicles has been distributed to all institutes and has been put into effect since the start of this year, he said. Training on the highway is just one of the changes the new curriculum will introduce. Other significant changes include mandatory night driving lessons and lessons on sudden braking in case of emergency situations.
“It is a complete training package, which takes the learner from attitude development and road safety awareness to vehicle familiarisation, from driving in simple to complex road networks to night driving until finally to freeway driving.”
At present, every driving school has its own curriculum. “They all cover the major skills but by unifying we have put a structure around the training process and based on this the schools can come up with improvements,” Behroozian said.
The new curriculum — delivered in Arabic, English and Urdu — has two components. The theoretical component comprises eight basic lectures and videos — including road rules, attitude and accident case studies — which are mandatory for trainees to attend as they cover safety standards and groom them to become able drivers, he said. The practical component comprises five basic stages including emergency braking, parking exercises, night driving and highway driving.
No additional costs
The number of mandatory lessons will still continue to be 40 lessons. This way the curriculum will not mean any additional costs for the trainees, Behroozian said, adding that the drivers will benefit from better training at the same cost.
The curriculum will follow a systematic progressive teaching method, whereby trainees will have to demonstrate their proficiency before being allowed to progress to the next step.
Three specific areas along the highway have been identified by RTA for training drivers, Hussain Al Saffar, Director of Drivers Training and Qualification department at the RTA, told Gulf News.
The road connecting the Business Bay crossing to Al Hadiqa Road, Emirates Road from near the Sharjah boundary up to Al Aweer Interchange and Al Aweer road leading towards Hatta are the areas identified.
“While driving along the highway, trainees will not be assessed because they would already have passed the road test. But the training is a means of managing risk on the highways,” he said.
Asked if the new curriculum will make it easier or harder for aspiring drivers, Sultan Al Marzouqi, Director of the Drivers Licensing department, said that the RTA’s focus is on allowing only safe drivers on the roads.
“The pass rate at driving tests has more than doubled recently, going from 17 per cent on average between 2008 and 2010 to 30 per cent in 2011. Accidents and deaths have also come down. This means drivers are being trained better,” he said.

ArabiCollege – Arabic Language Classes – Dubai, UAE

Founded in 2007 by Mr. Mohamed Bamatraf; the Managing Director, Arabicollege is an educational college that teaches the Arabic Language to non-speakers around the world through 24/7 Live Online sessions and virtual classrooms. In addition to other high standard language learning methods, Arabicollege offers various other multimedia modules and interactive courses.

With over than 80 years teaching experience Arabicollege is committed to offer professional Arabic learning programs, which enable learners to learn Arabic easily, speak Arabic fluently, understand and write Arabic correctly the way a native Arabic speaker does.

ArabiCollege courses are designed to give you choices. We are available round the clock, anytime and anywhere. We offer the flexibility you need to customize your learning schedule exactly the way you want.
With a variety of 24 hours online Arabic courses you don’t have to travel or take long distances to reach an Arabic school or an Arabic training center. Regardless of time zone differences you will reach your Arabic language educator and contact him or her anytime and interactive live with your native teacher.

Since your progress in learning Arabic language is our main stimulation, ArabiCollege is always here for you. Each learner receives special individual feedback, support and guidance along the way of learning Arabic. Once you have decided to apply and design your own Arabic course, our Arabic teachers and advisors will provide you with valuable recommendations and comments in every step toward using Arabic fluently.

Dubai: ArabiCollege | Arabic Language Classes – Dubai, UAE:

Dubai: ArabiCollege | Arabic Language Classes – Dubai, UAE

Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Telephone: +97142395313

Sunday to Thursday

4:00 GMT – 13:00 GMT
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Certificate In Succession Planning And Career Development – Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, June 10 – 13, 2012

Succession planning has been identified as a key issue that “keeps CEOs awake at night”. Organisations that implement effective succession planning and career development ensure business continuity while motivating and retaining their talent. In the GCC region it is a key driver of localisation by ensuring that there are strategies in place to meet our challenging localisation targets.

3 Key Business Benefits:
* Ensure business continuity by planning succession into key organisational positions and preparing people appropriately to step up to leadership roles

* Identify talented employees and provide structured career development opportunities to enable them to take on higher level and broader responsibilities

* Attract and retain the top talent you need to meet your organisation’s current and future objectives
Who Should Attend?
This course has been specifically designed for all management professionals with an interest in ensuring business continuity and improving performance, motivation and loyalty of employees. It is an essential course for Department Heads, Directors, Senior Managers and Section Heads. HR professionals, People Development Officers and Career Development Specialists will also benefit from the outcomes of this course.

Certificate In Succession Planning And Career Development | Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai | June 10 – 13, 2012 | Dubai Events: Training:

Event Name: Certificate In Succession Planning And Career Development

Event Category: Training

Date: June 10 – 13, 2012

Venue: Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Certificate In Succession Planning And Career Development
General Enquiry:

Janet D’Souza

Tel: +971 4 335 2437

Fax: +971 4 335 2438
Venue Contact:

Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai,

United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 343 3333

Fax: +971 4 343 4222
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